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Amazon Distribution Warehouse

Louisville, Kentucky

Calhoun has been selected to build a new 195,000 SF operations warehouse for Amazon.  Developed by Poe Companies, the operations at the 26-acre site will ultimately be supported by a fleet of electric vans with the potential to be charged using solar technology.  The expected construction cost is anticipated to be approximately $30 million.

The warehouse will receive, sort, and locally disperse packages via delivery vans.  The parking lot will be equipped with an underground labyrinth of power and data designed to charge and track the fully electric fleet.  Although still in a conceptual phase, there is a study to add solar panels to the roof of the warehouse that will be used to power the charging stations and thereby drive the company’s goal to reduce its carbon footprint.



  • Construction Manager
  • New Construction
  • 195,000 sqft
  • Completed in 2022