From mapping out a family trip to making out a grocery list, planning and scheduling are an integral part of everyone’s daily routines. At Calhoun Construction, we are keenly aware of the significant role that planning and scheduling play for all of our projects. They create the road map to your project’s success.

Scheduling. The construction schedule is not merely a start and end date for a project. It is a powerful tool we use to measure nearly every construction metric from project start through project completion. It allows our clients to have real expectations and to prepare for occupancy. Using critical construction milestones and our clients’ key concerns, we build a project schedule that marries efficient work flow with realistic yet aggressive timelines. At Calhoun, we know the power of a solid schedule, and we recognize that it is a living document that requires monitoring and a strong push to keep the project moving.

Planning. Determining how you’ll reach your goals is just as important as reaching them. That’s why Calhoun employs an intense work planning process to plot your project’s path to success. Calhoun’s work planning process is an inclusive one, not just a closed-door conversation between project managers and superintendents. We actively seek out the input from our subcontractors, our designers, our clients, and all parties that are involved with the work to ensure a complete plan that can be carried out successfully.