Calhoun Construction

Why Calhoun

A strong building requires a solid foundation. The same is true for any building project. Calhoun Construction Services provides that solid foundation for our clients. From the start of any project, our seasoned team of construction professionals lays the groundwork for success, meticulously planning, scheduling and managing every aspect of our building projects to ensure they’re delivered on time, on budget and to our clients’ specifications. We develop the kind of relationships with owners and subcontractors that fosters true collaboration, and maintains open, honest and productive communication. Our safety record surpasses industry standards and we are committed to advanced construction methodologies and technologies that ensure maximum quality and efficiency. When you start strong, you finish strong. Let Calhoun Construction be the foundation for your next project.


Our Values


As a self-performing, general contractor, we can guarantee the quality of our construction. Our streamlined processes are designed using the highest quality materials and our teams are made up of industry-tested individuals.


We don’t just build hotels, manufacturing facilities, hospitals and manufacturing plants. We build a culture of safety for everyone in our office and on our jobsites. Every worker needs to go home the same way they came to work that day.


Questions about your project deserve direct answers. We are up-front and open with all of our clients, and are committed to keeping you informed throughout the building process. We respect our clients’ views and needs, and are eager to work with you.


We work hard to implement the latest construction technologies on every project to keep costs low, save energy and maximize your return on investment.

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