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8th Street Pizza

New Albany,Indiana

New Albany’s pay-it-forward full service pizzeria.

8th Street Pizza, owned by the nonprofit Clean Socks Hope, Inc., located at the Breakwater Apartments on Spring Street.

8th Street Pizza started in 2016 to support Clean Socks Hope, and it transformed into a “pay what you can afford” restaurant to support community members who are homeless or low-income.

The owners have said the restaurant’s proceeds will be an “income-generator” for the Clean Socks Hope nonprofit to expand its programming in New Albany. The nonprofit is focused on partnerships with underserved neighborhoods such as Midtown.

Calhoun Construction is serving as the Construction Manager for the renovation of the New Albany location expansion and will be completed in 2022.



  • Construction Manager
  • 1,500 sq ft
  • Self-Perform
  • Renovation
  • Completed in 2022
  • $42,000