Calhoun Constructs - Construction Management

The ability to integrate teams. From owners and representatives, to designers and specialty consultants, to subcontractors and equipment suppliers, we create collaborative environments, lead value-driven discussions, and facilitate early, upfront decision making. We work side-by-side with the entire team to shape optimal project outcomes.

Calhoun Constructs - Facility Maintenance

Calhoun Construction Services understands that our clients need to maintain a safe working environment for their employees as well as a strong public image. Our wide array of maintenance services will help your business function smoothly, with minimal disruptions on a day to day basis.

Calhoun Constructs - Pre-Construction

The Calhoun team excels at bridging the gap between Designers and Business Owners. Ensuring that designers have clear direction and clients get the building they want. With Calhoun as your pre-construction team, a real-time budget is established.

Calhoun Constructs - Trade Contracting

Calhoun Construction Services is proud to offer trade contracting services in drywall, metal framing, metal building erections, exterior metal framing, acoustic ceilings, specialty ceilings, door frames and hardware, and select demolition. Our experienced team performs quality work that sets the foundation for a solid building project.

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