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Norton Brownsboro Pharmacy

Calhoun Construction completed an upgrade to the existing pharmacy inside the Norton Brownsboro Hospital. This intricate work began in August of 2019 and completed just before the 2020 New Year. With the tight quarters of working in about a 600 sqft space, coordination was key in this project.

The inside of their IV Room, Chemo Room and Ante Room were completely stripped of all finishes, new exhaust fan installed on the rooftop, and fan powered heap filters on the supply air diffusers. A new Clean Room wall system was put in place with all automatic interlocking doors, and the ceiling tiles replaced with Clean Room gasketed tiles. Strict measures were taken for the duration of the project to ensure the safety of not only the pharmacy employees but the patients throughout the hospital.  We constructed an Edge Guard Wall System around the work area, while using hepa-filtered air scrubbers to maintain a negative air pressure of -.03  in the workspace.  To offer further protection from contamination an Ante room was also put in place for the cleaning of all tools, debris carts, and personnel exiting the workspace.

This successful project resulted in the Brownsboro Pharmacy following all requirements of the Board of Pharmacy as well as future requirements from the Joint Commission.

Norton Sports Health and Learning Complex

The Louisville Urban League and community leaders entered into a development agreement to redevelop the Heritage West site, a 24-acre property in the Russell neighborhood. LUL’s master plan was centered on a 4,000-seat indoor and outdoor track and field facility and features community green space and outdoor event space.

The complex is designed to host a variety of sporting events supported by organizations such as USA Track and Field and the NCAA, as well as our local and regional public and private schools and local track teams. The facility also features retail space and related amenities, and is owned and operated by the LUL.

Calhoun Construction served as the General Contractor for this project.

Norton Healthcare 5R

Norton 5R, located in the Downtown Louisville hospital, was a 2,500 square foot, $500k fast-tracked renovation of an existing pod with nine patient rooms, a work room and a common corridor. The project required close coordination with neighboring pods as utility shutdowns required for the new work could not be isolated to pod 5R. Norton is planning to use pod 5R as a model to renovate several additional pods in the future.

Calhoun Construction Services was proud to serve as the General Contractor for this state of the art facility. Calhoun Construction self performed framing, drywall, acoustical ceiling and painting.