Undisclosed On-line Retailer

Calhoun has been selected to build a new 195,000 SF operations warehouse for an undisclosed on-line retailer.  Developed by Poe Companies, the operations at the 26 acre site will ultimately be supported by a fleet of electric vans with the potential to be charged using solar technology.  The expected construction cost is anticipated to be approximately $30 million.

The warehouse will receive, sort, and locally disperse packages via delivery vans.  The parking lot will be equipped with an underground labyrinth of power and data designed to charge and track the fully electric fleet.  Although still in a conceptual phase, there is a study to add solar panels to the roof of the warehouse that will be used to power the charging stations and thereby drive the companies goal to reduce it’s carbon footprint.

Wild Turkey

In 1891, Thomas Ripy built the Old Hickory Distillery in Tyrone, Kentucky, near Lawrenceburg, on the former site of the Old Moore Distillery.  After Prohibition, the Ripy family (Thomas had died in 1902) repaired the distillery and began to again produce bourbon.  The Ripys sold the bourbon produced at this distillery to various wholesalers who bottled bourbon under their own brands. Austin Nichols was one of these wholesalers.

The “Wild Turkey” brand is said to have arisen after an Austin Nichols executive, Thomas McCarthy, took some warehouse samples on a wild turkey hunting trip in 1940. The bourbon proved so popular among his friends they continued to ask him for “that wild turkey bourbon.”  Austin Nichols began to bottle Wild Turkey in 1942.

The Ripys were bought out in 1949 by Robert and Alvin Gould.

For the next three decades, Austin Nichols remained a non-distiller producer—bottling bourbon purchased on the open market under the Wild Turkey brand.  Much of this whiskey was purchased from the Ripys/Gould distillery in Tyrone. In 1971, Austin Nichols purchased the facility, then known as the Boulevard Distillery, and changed the name to the Wild Turkey Distillery.

In 1980, the distillery and the Wild Turkey brand were purchased by Pernod Ricard.

On May 9, 2000, a fire destroyed a seven-story aging warehouse at the company in Anderson County, Kentucky. It contained more than 17,000 wooden barrels of whiskey.

In 2009, the Campari Group acquired the distillery and the Wild Turkey brand from Pernod Ricard.

In 2013, Campari opened a new bottling facility at the Wild Turkey Distillery. For the previous 13 years Wild Turkey had been bottled offsite in Indiana and, later, Arkansas.In addition to the Wild Turkey products, Campari’s SKYY vodka is also bottled there after being shipped from the Illinois distillery.

Calhoun Construction served at a General Contractor self-performing  nine (9) landing gear pads for tractor-trailer storage lots and loading docks.  Calhoun also constructed a 14,000 SF warehouse parking lot expansion including site grading, aggregate profile, asphalt profile, and striping.

Galt House

The first Galt House Hotel opened in 1835 on Second and Main Streets by Colonel Ariss Throckmorton. The site had once been the home of Dr. W.C. Galt, noted physician and botanist of his day, who was friends with such distinguished men as John James Audubon, who mentions Dr. Galt in his journals, and Dr. Ephraim McDowell.

According to the New York Times, on Wednesday, January 11, 1865, the Galt House Hotel started burning and was “entirely in ruins” by 3:30 a.m. A warehouse on the eastern side was also destroyed. Two lives were lost, and the origin of the fire has been a mystery ever since.

The second Galt House Hotel was designed by architect Henry Whitestone at 1st and Main St, a block away from the original hotel. It cost $1.5 million (1869 dollars).

In the early 20th century, business and culture moved away from the riverfront to the Broadway district. As traffic on 1st and Main dwindled, so did hotel revenue, and the second Galt House Hotel closed in 1919. It was razed in 1921 to make way for the Belknap Hardware building.

By the early 1970’s, Louisville’s Waterfront had been all but abandoned. Local developer Mr. Al J. Schneider had a vision for a prosperous business district, starting with an expansive convention hotel right on the river. Mr. Schneider opened the Galt House Hotel – then only one tower – in 1972.

In 1984, Mr. Al J. Schneider opened the East Tower, giving the hotel its distinctive two-tower structure. The East Tower consists predominantly of suites, providing guests even more space and comfort than ever before.

In 2004, the Galt House Hotel replaced a simple walkway between the two towers with the magnificent 3rd Floor Conservatory. This steel and glass enclosed lounge was modeled on the Crystal Palace build in the middle of Hyde Park, London in 1851 for the Great Exhibition. The Conservatory features Al J’s Lounge, name for founder Al J. Schneider, and Thelma’s Deli, named for Mr. Schneider’s wife. It also serves as a tribute to naturalist John James Audubon, friend of Dr. W.C. Galt.

Calhoun Construction served as the General Contractor to renovate the 8,000 sf Conservatory Atrium Bar after an extensive renovation of the towers completed in 2020.

NTS Building 435

For over 50 years NTS has focused on creating the best places to live and work for their residents and clients. Their goal each day is to deliver excellence in every area of business and to provide the best possible experience for their customers. NTS currently manages over 10.9 million square feet of real estate, which includes over 5,000 luxury apartment homes and over 3.9 million square feet of commercial property. Their commitment to excellence remains as strong today as it did when they started.

Building 435 is a 120,000 Square Foot Class AA+ Office Building located within the ShelbyHurst Office Campus at the landmark location at Hurstbourne Parkway and Shelbyville Road. This new building will offer excellent views and phenomenal branding opportunities along Hurstbourne Parkway.

The ShelbyHurst Office Campus location is among the very best of all suburban office parks in Louisville Metro. It has a prominent boulevard through the heart of the campus that is bordered by bike lanes and wide, attractive sidewalks.

Convenience to East end neighborhoods, proximity to major interstates, and nearby access to many restaurants, shopping centers, hotels, retailers, and two regional malls makes ShelbyHurst the superior location appealing to employees and employers alike.

Calhoun Construction served as the General Contractor of this 4 story building completed in the Fall of 2020.

Hite Elementary School

Hite Elementary celebrated fifty years of service to the community in 2013. They are located in Middletown, Kentucky. Their enrollment is approximately 480 students, Kindergarten through 5th. Their mission statement is Hite Elementary where we are inspired to grow and be lifelong learners, is threaded through every aspect at Hite, a guiding belief shared by parents, staff, and the community. We truly believe that continuous improvement will lead us to our best selves and therefore improve our entire community.  We pride ourselves on service to others in an inclusive environment.

Parent and community involvement are significant. The school has been recognized by the National PTA as a Parent Involvement School of Excellence, and by the Kentucky PTA as the first winner of the state award for involving dads in schools. In 2012, a Hite parent was named Kentucky State PTA “Volunteer of the Year.” Civic and service organizations provide support in too many ways to list here!

There are numerous enrichment offerings for students at Hite, with an effort to provide opportunities for varying abilities, ages and interests. Program offerings include chess, fencing, academic teams, jump rope demo team, drama, percussion ensemble, technology teams, cross country, art classes, and more!

Hite strives to be a resource for families and the surrounding community. The school is well respected in the district and state, and annual accountability measures place Hite among the top tier in the district and state.

Calhoun Construction served as the General Contractor on Phase I, 14,000 sqft, of the HVAC Renovation includes Chiller Replacement, Boiler Replacement, Complete HVAC Upgrade, Electrical Switch Gear Replacement with Service Upgrade, Generator Replacement, Intercom Replacement, Fire Alarm Replacement, Security System upgrade, Lighting Replacement, Ceiling Replacement, Window Replacement, Misc. Kitchen Upgrades, and Gymnasium Roof Replacement.  Calhoun will serve as General Contractor for all scopes of work and self-perform Demolition, Ceiling Replacement, and Misc. Rough Carpentry.



Upton Oxmoor

Calhoun Construction is acting as the General Contractor on the construction of the new 301-unit Upton Oxmoor Apartment Complex.  The new complex will consist of (9) wood-framed buildings containing the apartment dwellings and a 530-car post-tensioned cast-in-place parking garage, at a total construction cost of $46,000,000.  In addition to the 301 residential units, the main building of the complex with have approximately 10,000 square feet of common area containing a gym, yoga studio, and lounge as well as an outdoor swimming pool.  Once completed, the apartments will be operated by NTS Development Company.

The project site is located on a parcel of Oxmoor Farm, bordered to the North by the middle fork of Beargrass Creek and to the South by Oxmoor Lane.  Oxmoor Farm has been owned by the descendants of Alexander Bullitt, the first lieutenant governor of Kentucky, since the late 18th century.


Navy Federal Credit Union

Since 1933, Navy Federal has grown from seven members to over eight million members. And, since that time, their mission has remained the same: to serve and enrich the lives of those in the military community.

“Once a member, always a member.” You can leave the military, change employers, move, retire, get married—yet always stay with Navy Federal. Your life is their mission.

Calhoun Construction Services served as the Construction Manager for the renovation of an existing former bank location into a new Navy Federal Credit Union branch. Calhoun self-performed much of the renovation work.

AMC Manufacturing

AMC Manufacturing operates a full-service metal stamping facility that caters to any volume stamping project, large or small.  They have the capability to perform all types of stamping operations.  Whether Progressive, Compound, Draw, or Deep Draw, they can ensure your parts are produced with the highest quality of care that will meet the most stringent specifications.

Equipped with more than 20 presses ranging in speed up to 110 strokes per minute and a maximum bed capacity of 180” x 96”, the presses can be used with a wide variety of material types. To meet the specifications and quality that their customers expect, AMC Manufacturing provides a quality control staff equipped with state of the art tools such as a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) which allows them to maintain parts consistent with the specifications by delivering an accurate, repeatable, and expeditious process for checking parts.

Calhoun Construction served as the General Contractor installing a new press foundation in the active plant.  This included excavation for the pit, rebar, forming,  and sleeve installation.  In addition there was an additional pit for overflow steel coil metal that was excavated, formed, and poured.  All this was accomplished in two weeks while working in and around active operations.

Norton St. Matthews Medical Plaza I

St. Matthews Medical Plaza I is part of the Norton Healthcare system located on Dutchmans Lane in Louisville, KY.  Renovated in 2002, Plaza 1 features 8 floors with approximately 95,000 square feet of On-Campus Class A Medical Office Space.  The building sits in front of the rebranded Norton Women’s and Children’s Hospital opened on Norton Healthcare’s St. Matthews campus in December 2014 after a comprehensive multi-year renovation. The redesigned hospital provides innovative care dedicated to the unique needs of women and children, while continuing to offer emergency, inpatient and outpatient care.

Calhoun Construction served as the General Contractor for the renovation of this medical complex consisting of exterior and interior updates.  The renovation was broken into three phases: exterior upgrades, interior finish upgrades, interior mechanical upgrades.

For the exterior upgrades, the renovation included replacement of the existing glass with new thermally broken store front and double pane glass. The exterior was entirely reclad in drainable EIFS to better match the campus.  All new landscaping accented the building’s new expanded drop off canopy to better serve patients.

On the interior, the entire core was renovated from the existing carpet and wall paper to include high-end LVT, LED light fixtures and laminate wall panels.

Lastly, the building mechanical systems were upgraded to provide better user comfort and energy savings. All 105 of the existing Fan Coil units were replaced along with a new energy-recovery unit air handler. Along with that all new redundent pump systems and BAS were installed.

All of the above work was carefully phased and planned by the Calhoun team working around the 80% occupied tenant spaces.

The Kentucky Center for the Arts

Home to many of the Louisville’s major arts organizations, The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts brings the finest in music, dance, theater and more to Kentucky! They are the home for Louisville’s nationally-renowned arts scene, to the Louisville Orchestra, Kentucky Opera, Louisville Ballet, Stage One Family Theatre and PNC Bank Broadway in Louisville, as well as a host of community theaters and our own Kentucky Center Presents performances. The three theaters of the Center, along with our sister facility the elegant W. L. Lyons Brown Theatre, are Kentucky’s showcases for the performing arts. From Broadway to ballet, from blues to bluegrass, from Big Bands to Beethoven, our stages overflow with magnificent entertainment almost every night of the year.

The Kentucky Center has four times been voted Kentucky’s best venue for music, theater and dance by the readers of Kentucky Monthly magazine. But it is more than stages and theaters. It is the Governor’s School for the Arts in Danville, offering three weeks of intensive training for hundreds of Kentucky’s finest high school artists every summer. Its education and outreach programs bring the arts to children and adults in dozens of community centers, healthcare facilities and schools in all of Kentucky’s educational regions. Through its programming and education departments, The Center is able to bring the arts to virtually all of Kentucky’s 120 counties. And its access services ensure that everyone can experience the wonders of the performing arts without barriers or restrictions.

Calhoun Construction served as the General Contractor by self-performing the renovation on the Bomhard Theatre fire damage project.