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UofL Frazier Rehabilitation 3rd Floor Renovation

Known for world-class care in comprehensive acute rehab, UofL Health – Frazier Rehab Institute (formerly KentuckyOne Health – Frazier Rehab Institute) provides extensive therapy across a number of specialties for inpatient and outpatient rehab needs.

With over 60 years of rehab experience, Frazier is committed to the development of programs that combine traditional rehab with innovative therapeutic techniques.

Calhoun served as general contractor on this renovation and framed new walls, hung drywall, patched any imperfections on existing drywall.  All walls on the entire floor were newly painted and we installed grab bars, mirrors, soap and hand sanitizers, glove holders, and sanitizer wipes holder.


University of Louisville Belknap

University of Louisville’s Belknap Academic Classroom Building is a four-story structure with 150,000 square feet set aside specifically for student needs.

Included in this renovation are 17 new classrooms, new science labs, group study rooms, gathering spaces and new food-service options.

The group study rooms are larger, more interactive spaces where students can come together, exchange ideas and motivate one another.

As part of the new building, U of L also created a student success center that will offer academic support, advising and career services in one spot.

Calhoun Construction served as a Trade Contractor self-performing all of the metal-stud framing, drywall and acoustical ceilings throughout the facility.

University of Louisville Cardinal Stadium

The University of Louisville’s Cardinal Stadium is a football stadium located in Louisville, Kentucky and serves as the home of the University of Louisville football program. Debuting in 1998, it is one of the last football stadiums in NCAA Division I-A (now Division I FBS) to open in the 20th century. The official seating capacity in the quasi-horseshoe shaped facility was 42,000 through the 2008 season. An expansion project that started after the 2008 season was completed in time for the 2010 season has brought the official capacity to 55,000. An additional expansion project aiming to close the open end of the horseshoe to add 10,000 additional seats was announced on August 28, 2015, with the goal of opening within 2 years.

Calhoun Construction served as General Contractor/Trade Contractor for a systematic repair and rehabilitation of the concrete around the aisle railings throughout the stadium.

University of Louisville Medical-Dental Research Building

The Medical-Dental Research Building (MDR) is a 116,672 SF building that was built in 1962 in Louisville, KY. The building serves as a home-base for reseach of Anatomical Science and Neurobiology, Cardiology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Neurology, and several other facets of the medical industry. Working for the University of Louisville, Calhoun Construction recently completed a major renovation within this facitily for the Department of Anatomical Sciences and Neurobiology. Their research focuses on the form and function of developing sensory systems.

The renovation project that Calhoun completed was Phase 7 of a multi-phased renovation to the seven-story MDR building. Phase 7 consisted of a 2,445 SF renovation of the 4th Floor, where all the work had to be performed with the building remaining operational. The renovations included complete demolition of the existing lab areas and new rooms being constructed for new offices, student work areas, open labs, wet lab, surgery areas, RIG rooms, and a behavioral area. Calhoun installed all new finishes, laboratory casework, fume hoods, exhaust snorkels, and reworked and installed new mechanical and electrical systems. The contracted project schedule was for 15 weeks. Due to extensive planning and critical coordination, Calhoun was able to cut the schedule down to 13 weeks and enable the Owners to move into the space 2 weeks early.

University of Louisville School of Nursing

The University of Louisville School of Nursing is an essential partner of a research intensive academic health science center in a nationally recognized University serving a metropolitan community. The U.S. News & World Reports ranks the UofL School of Nursing #60 among America’s best graduate schools in nursing.

Calhoun Construction Services served as the General Contractor on the renovation of an existing space into two 100 person classrooms. Calhoun installed new electrical wiring, HVAC, flooring, aluminum storefront, furniture and paint throughout the first, second and third floors.

University of Louisville Student Activities Center

The Student Activities Center, or SAC, is the main hub for student activities on the University of Louisville campus. The west wing of the SAC houses the campus bookstore, campus food services, a fast-food court, the Cardinal Corner Game Room, SAC Multipurpose room, as well as, the Student Activities and Dean of Students offices.

The east wing of the SAC includes Athletics.

The University of Louisville has space to reserve both for its student groups and the community at large.

Calhoun Construction served as served as general contractor on the first phase of the Student Activity Center renovation. This first phase included demolition of former athletic courts and locker rooms to allow for construction of new classrooms, offices and labs for the Health and Sport Science department. This department along with the PEACC department moved into their new spaces which allowed for the complete demolition of the old Student Services Annex building just to the south of the west wing of the SAC. At the completion of the demo of the old annex, the next phase of the renovation project will be ready which will include construction of an addition to the SAC.

Calhoun self-performed the selective demolition, drywall, acoustical ceilings, as well as doors and hardware on the project. Phase 1 work was completed in a tight 8-week construction schedule which was completed prior to the 1-month demolition of the Annex building.

University of Louisville Ekstrom Library

The University of Louisville Ekstrom Library grew from an original donation of Dean John Letcher Patterson’s personal collection in the early 1900s. By 1950, the library had over 36,000 books in its collection. In 1956, the University gave the library its own building (now Schneider Hall) to accommodate the growing collection.

By 1970, the collection contained over 200,000 items. At the end of the 1970s, the University Library building reached capacity, forcing parts of the collection to be placed in storage. Plans were made to create a new $14 million library to accommodate the growing collection. Named after Dr. William F. Ekstrom, a noted English Professor and the first Academic Vice-President of the University.

Calhoun Construction served as the General Contractor for the Eskstrom Library Delphi Center 3rd floor. Calhoun self-performed the metal stud framing, installation of hollow metal frames, doors and window frames, drywall hanging and finishing, acoustical ceilings, painting and new mechanical system.

The QUAD at NULU Medical District Phase II

The Quad In the Medical District are affiliated apartments for the University of Louisville medical and dental students, plus public health and graduate nursing students live within blocks of the University of Louisville’s Health Sciences Campus.

With over 100 units in Phase II, Calhoun Construction Services served as the General Contractor creating studio, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom units with a full kitchen and private baths, plus a common gathering/study room featuring a tv, deck, laundry machines, secured entrances and parking located below the building. Units feature large windows, central air and full kitchens with all new appliances. The units sit on top of a one story underground secured parking area.