The University of Louisville Ekstrom Library grew from an original donation of Dean John Letcher Patterson’s personal collection in the early 1900s. By 1950, the library had over 36,000 books in its collection. In 1956, the University gave the library its own building (now Schneider Hall) to accommodate the growing collection.

By 1970, the collection contained over 200,000 items. At the end of the 1970s, the University Library building reached capacity, forcing parts of the collection to be placed in storage. Plans were made to create a new $14 million library to accommodate the growing collection. Named after Dr. William F. Ekstrom, a noted English Professor and the first Academic Vice-President of the University.

Calhoun Construction served as the General Contractor for the Eskstrom Library Delphi Center 3rd floor. Calhoun self-performed the metal stud framing, installation of hollow metal frames, doors and window frames, drywall hanging and finishing, acoustical ceilings, painting and new mechanical system.